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SPAS TOURS invites you to spend your Luxury Vacations in India. Visit the locations and see its amazing cultural heritage. Tour the historic monuments, forts, temples and palaces of our India on your holidays. The architectural wonders of India vacations are truly breathtaking. Temples with amazing sculptures, mosques with intricate carvings, majestic tombs of mighty emperors, you can see all this and more on your India vacations.
SPAS TOURS offers a range of experiences in India. On Beach India vacations you can enjoy on the sunny beaches of Goa, Kerala and other coastal states of India. On wildlife holidays in India you can explore the wildlife sanctuaries of India and observe tigers and other wild creatures in the jungle. On adventure holidays in India, you can try mountaineering, trekking, skiing, river rafting, paragliding, camping, scuba diving, and wind surfing. Have the time of your life on luxury India vacations, with SPAS TOURS.